Passionate About Tallahassee
and the Moms Who Live Here

Meet Our Team


Team Page - Alicea

Alicea is the mom of two amazing girls, Apollonia (5) and Vivian (3). She and her husband, John, own a local restaurant and have been together for fourteen years. Alicea has lived in Florida for 20 years now by way of western New York and although she misses her family and friends still living there, she feels even Tallahassee is too cold for her. Alicea loves to read, root for the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Indians, and attend Widespread Panic concerts.


Team Page - Brittany

Brittany, an artist and entrepreneur originally from Mississippi, is an old soul from the deep south. She is a little bit funky, a little bit spunky, and a lover of all things colorful and creative. Brittany moved to Tallahassee in 2004 to attend FSU for interior design and to cheer for the Florida State Seminoles. She met her husband, Brian, after college at a tailgate for FSU vs Florida. To say they are diehard FSU fans would be the understatement of the century. The two were married in April of 2015, and are excited to continue building their life together in Tallahassee. Brittany and Brian are currently parents to three furry, four-legged babies, and are thrilled to be bringing the real MVP, Annabel, into the world in April of 2018. As a soon-to-be first time mommy, Brittany is excited to dive head first into the world of motherhood. In the meantime, you might find her decorating the nursery, organizing any and everything, planning a new house project, playing in the yoga studio, painting in her art studio, hosting a beauty demo, or wrangling her crazy pups. The way to her heart is through sweets and scary movies.


Team Page - Casia (1)

Casia Sinco is the proud mother of two boys, ages 11 and 6. She has been married to her husband Ben since 2004. She moved to Tallahassee to attend law school in 1998 and loved the town so much that she made it her home! She works for the state of Florida and loves what she does because she gets to make a difference every day! Her entire family are rabid Florida State Seminoles fans and sports fans in general. When she’s not at work or spending time with her family, she loves to bake, make Halloween costumes for her boys, paint rocks for Tallahassee Rocks, and attend FSU sporting events. She is also a member of the Extra Point Club, a service club dedicated to supporting all Seminole sports and athletes.


Team Page - Genevieve

Genevieve comes from a military family, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, but moved to Alabama in middle school. Genevieve fell in love with the southern charm of Alabama and has lived in most of the major cities within the state. While attending college in Mobile, Alabama, she met her future husband while at a costume party, which Genevieve has never lived down. After marrying in 2012, moving to Texas, and having their daughter, Charlotte (February 2015), they continued to work towards career goals–which eventually led them to Tallahassee, Florida in June 2017. As new residents they have enjoyed finding all the local shopping spots, restaurants and parks. Genevieve’s a TV and movie junkie, wine lover (especially boxed wine), and loves a good monogrammed wardrobe.


Team Page - Hope

Hope is Mommy to Zoe and Zeke, wife to a supportive husband, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and owner of Baby Boot Camp. She spends her days navigating the wonderful world of toddlerhood, and when she’s not opening applesauce pouches or changing diapers, she’s helping Moms get fit all while bonding with their child. Hope has always been an avid fitness enthusiast and once she became a Mom, she longed for a place where Moms could come together for fitness and friendship. It was then Hope decided to chase her dream of teaching group fitness and start her own business. Hope specializes in prenatal and postpartum fitness, providing Moms the support they need in a unique season of life. Hope also enjoys a good cup of coffee, ice cream, organizing just about anything, and Florida’s warm sunny days. You can follow Hope on Facebook and Instagram for all things Mommy & Me fitness.


Team Page - Jania

Jania is a Miami-native who moved to Tallahassee in 2007 to join the ranks of her fellow Seminoles at Florida State University. In what seems like the blink of an eye, Jania went from a *well-rested* and hopeful freshman, ready to take on the world, to a half-woke mom on the cusp of thirty with two preschool-aged boys, Atlas and Jude, and a black lab/great pyrenees named Bellatrix. While her friends were busy making post-grad plans and backpacking Europe, she and her now husband, Jacques, were exploring the uncharted waters of parenthood. Jania currently works in recruitment for the College of Fine Arts at Florida State University as well as serves on the board for Whole Child Leon. When she isn’t too busy playing pretend with her boys, you can find her playing pretend on stage with grown-ups at Theatre Tallahassee. Jania has a passion for community engagement, creative entrepreneurial projects, and café con leche.


Team Page - Jennifer

Jennifer is a native of Florida. Her family moved to Tallahassee in 1993 from South Florida. In 1999 she married her husband Lee who was born and raised in this area. They welcomed their first daughter Maddie in 2002.

Maddie was born with a rare genetic disorder, (Ring 9 Syndrome). Maddie spent a month in the NICU. Not knowing if she would make it or not, Jen promised Maddie that “if they ever made it home together, she would always know how much she was loved.” And that is exactly what Jen has done. She has dedicated her life to Maddie (15) and her two other daughters Macey (12) and Miley (7). Reminding herself daily how precious life is. Most days her life is literally like a dramatic comedy. But she has taken those moments and created a life filled with stories to be told and lessons to be learned. Her passion for her girls, writing and the special needs community lead her to finally start her blog, Loving Moo Plus 2. Jen has a zest for life and a love for her blog hoping to inspire families on this journey. As a family they enjoy spending time on the water, boating, fishing and skiing. Jen loves laughing, being with friends, crafting, music, singing, dancing and just being her. For their story you can find them at Loving Moo Plus 2, on Instagram, or Facebook.


Team Page - Kate

Kate moved to Tallahassee from Chicago in 2007 and it was the ultimate culture-shock. She met her husband Tommy in Tallahassee and they married 3 years later. 5 years into marriage, she is mom to two crazy boys and a cat. She considers herself a “crunchy” mom and is always focusing on natural wellness. Kate is one of several worship leaders at her church, a vendor at a local shop called Jubilee Sunshine, and writes at her personal mom blog Sparkle and Sage. You can connect with her by following her at her blog , Instagram, or Facebook


Team Page - Katie

Katie is the founder of Tallahassee Moms Blog. Before jetting off to college in the sunshine state, she lived more places than most do in their lifetime. Katie and her husband met while attending Florida State and after realizing that Tallahassee extends beyond Tennessee Street, decided to put down some roots among the canopy roads.

When not working behind the scenes of Tallahassee Moms Blog or at her alma mater, you will find her chasing their daughter {2014} (and her fur-sisters), planning a new house project and attempting to squeeze in a workout.

To contact Katie, email her at katie {at} tallahasseemomsblog {dot} com.


Team Page - Kimberly

Kimberly, a Florida native, has a hard time saying she’s not from here after 16 years of studying and adventuring. She is a mom of two girls and a four-year-old annoying little brother and chivalrous older bubba; freelance writer of online and magazine content; and exercise enthusiast squeezing in cardio through housework and monkey bars, who awakes most days wondering how often she will change clothes and what even to wear. Her closet reminds her to advocate fearlessly: purple for Dad’s dementia and Parkinson’s battles; red- Mom’s heart disease; yellow and blue – Sister’s Cerebral Palsy and Special Olympics involvement. Orange recently became Kimberly’s family’s battle cry color as they prevail against her husband’s acute leukemia.

Luckily, Saturdays are always garnet and gold, but she favors “Sunday best” days. The occasion for a pretty dress and teaching her daughters the beauty and privilege of “getting ready” is time she overlooked during her seven years as a teacher. And then there’s her cute, Kim-time baking apron…


Team Page - Lyndsey

Lyndsey Hulen is a northern transplant (Buckeye first, Volunteer second) to Tallahassee. Lyndsey and her family moved here in August 2017. She’s been married for 15 years to her husband, whom she met while in college, and they have three extroverted and passionate children: Colton (10), Josey (9), and Wyatt (5). For a decade now, she has been a SAHM, but she recently dove back into the part-time work world. Lyndsey teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) to Chinese students through an organization called VIPKID. She’s also a substitute teacher at a private Christian school in town. When she’s not busy in her role as a wife and mother, you can find her at Jazzercise, Target, or Starbucks. She is excited to explore Tallahassee and all it has to offer, as well as share her experiences about all things motherhood.


mandy bianchi team page

Just call me Mama Mandy – everybody else does! I’m from Tallahassee, moved around a little, came back 13 years ago and have extended my roots even deeper in the beautiful, charming town I love. I’m married to Frank and we have a 15 year old daughter, Lindsay, and a 2 and a half year old daughter, Emma. Yes, we have a TEENAGER and a TODDLER. I’m a professional writer and run a nonprofit for people who have epilepsy, plus coordinate social events for disabled adults. I’m still finding my balance, but luckily I’ve found my passion. I am excited to share my family’s adventures of being on two completely different ends of the parenting spectrum from learning permits to potty training and everything in between! There is so much fun and so much love and so much to laugh about – this is our life! Hopefully you’ll relate to so many things we experience, too.


Team Page - Melonie

Melonie is a recent convert from pet mom to boy mom thanks to the birth of her first son, Cullen. By day Melonie works strategic cyber security, cuddles her two rescue dogs River and Champ and two rescue cats Selena and Sherlock, and washes baby spit-up out of her sweatshirts. As a native New Yorker who now calls Tallahassee home, Melonie enjoys exploring North Florida’s natural beauty with her husband and friends by kayaking, running, hiking, and shopping locally. Melonie looks forward to sharing her experiences as a new mom, animal lover, wife and friend, as well as sharing her love of Latin food and culture.


Team Page - Stephanie

Stephanie isn’t a true “mom” yet, but she is a “dog mom” to three adorable, vivacious, and eccentric pups – all Labrador retrievers! Luckily, her fiance, Clem, is a great “dog dad” and puts in maximum effort to help raise Gideon (a four-year-old chocolate lab), Miranda (a three-year-old black lab), and Lenny, a ten-month-old yellow lab).

During the week, Stephanie moonlights as an appellate attorney, which requires a lot of reading, analyzing, and writing. On the weekends, she enjoys kicking back with coffee, a good book, and puppy cuddles. Every once in a while, she’ll dabble in some workouts – her favorite one by far is swimming.

Stephanie is currently in wedding planning mode for her upcoming nuptials, to occur in August 2018, and looks forward to finding a way to incorporate her puppies in the celebration without muddying her wedding dress.


Stephanie Hartman Tallahassee Moms Blog

Stephanie moved to Tallahassee by way of Ft. Lauderdale in 2002 to go to Florida State University (Go Noles!). Married to James since 2004, they have 4 kids: PJ (10), Addisyn (7), Jaxson (2), and Jameson (9 months). She is a former 4th-grade teacher and taught in Tallahassee at a Title 1 school for 8 years and stepped away when her oldest started Kindergarten. She’s been in direct sales as a work from home mama since 2012 and she loves the time freedom it provides her to have with her family.

When she’s not at tae kwon do with her oldest, dance competitions with her only princess, or wrangling the little 2, she enjoys binge-watching reality TV, DIY projects, playing with makeup, drinking coffee, and sharing her life through stories on her personal blog Maid Up Mama.

Stephanie loves making new friends and you can connect with her on her blog, on Instagram, or Facebook.


Team Page - Vanessa

Vanessa is, first and foremost, a single mom to a vivacious 5 year old girl, Vivienne! She loves her career in insurance where she loves to guide and educate people to help when protect their most precious assets. She also loves her job as a wellness advocate where she helps educate on natural wellness by using essential oils. She shares her knowledge on her blog, rubies2redfish, that she has written for 3 years and counting. She started her blog to help spread awareness about mental health awareness and addiction awareness. She has been in recovery for 6 plus years from alcohol and drug addiction. She really loves to share her experience, strength and hope in her recovery journey on her blog.

Vanessa moved to Tallahassee in 1998 from New Orleans, LA during her high school years when her dad was called to minister at a local church. She was devastated to leave the city she loved 20 years ago, but now she can’t imagine living anywhere else. In recovery, she developed a love for fishing and it has grown into one of her biggest passions. When she isn’t going on adventures with her mini or finding the fish, she loves to explore the outdoors, read, watch movies, craft, create art, thrift shop and eat! She is also an active member of a local church family and values volunteering. Follow her journey on Instagram @rubies2redfish !