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The case against promposals

The Case Against Promposals

Lots of big things frighten me for my sons and their futures: bullying, the environment, the cost of college tuition, the threat of nuclear war. There are also some smaller things that frighten me about my sons growing up and becoming teenagers.  One of them strikes every year around this time and is centered around […]

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The Great Planner Debate2

The Great Planner Debate

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a type-A, list-making, label maker-loving, calendar-obsessed fool. The command center in my house contains not one, not two, but three calendars!  Across the room is another calendar.  There are two more in our home office.  I have a desk calendar and daily diary book at my place […]

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Mr. Brightside (1)

Life with Mr. Brightside

My youngest son has a unique outlook on life. No matter how many grey clouds come into the day, he always finds the silver lining. I call him “Mr. Brightside.” Spill milk all over the dinner table? “But at least I didn’t get any on myself.” Legos all over the bedroom floor? “But at least […]

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Working Mom Life_

Working Mom Life: “Sway” or “Balance”?

Recently, I read an article on entitled “7 Resolutions to Help Working Moms Improve Their Work-Life Sway.” Am I the only one who had no idea what the “Work-Life Sway” was? Apparently it’s the idea that, instead of trying to balance our personal life and our professional life, we should concentrate on swaying back […]

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4th of July Fire Safety - Featured

4th of July Fire Safety

When I was a kid, every year we would celebrate the 4th of July on our family property in the middle of nowhere.  The property was surrounded by cow pastures and there was no one to complain if we made any noise.  I remember my uncles setting off huge firework shows and the kids running […]

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Boymom Life_

Boymom Life: No Girls Necessary

It’s a common question for me to hear whenever someone finds out I have two sons. “So, are you trying for a girl?”  It doesn’t matter how many times I hear it, I am always floored by the question.  And I am not alone.  Just recently, a friend of mine who has four sons tagged […]

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