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Complicated Is Not a Dirty Word

Complicated Is Not A Dirty Word

Simple. Minimal. Effortless. Undemanding. These words have grown quite a following lately. Not because they are simply calming words, but because they are a new lifestyle. A lifestyle that strives for being totally 100% present, limiting chores and to-dos, and being able to do anything on a whim. And yes, if you have children, doing […]

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The Case for Worry-Free Potty Training (1)

The Case For Worry-Free Potty Training

Potty training has to be one of the most frustrating parenting seasons, especially for those of us with strong-willed children. As a first time mom, I wasn’t quite sure how to tackle potty training in the most efficient and effective manner. It was a constant game of two steps forward and 9,459 steps back. The […]

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