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exercising with a new baby (1)

Exercising with a New Baby

You’ve been up most of the night caring for your new baby. You’re exhausted. The last thing you’re probably thinking about is starting a new exercise routine. I get it; I’ve been there. I’ve learned over the years that when I spend a little bit of time each day caring for myself, I’m able to […]

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Mama’s Morning Miracle

I recently became a Work-At-Home Mom and trying to find a schedule that allowed me to get my work done AND spend time with my kids without feeling guilty was leaving me frazzled and stressed. My toddler is not a great napper so working during nap time is not reliable. I tried to squeeze in […]

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Losing the Baby Weight

Bye-Bye Baby Weight

It was only a matter of days, maybe even hours, after both my kids were born that I was looking for signs of my baby weight melting off. Once my uterus had returned to normal size and I was no longer retaining fluid, I was left with twenty pounds to lose. Losing twenty pounds seemed […]

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