Passionate About Tallahassee
and the Moms Who Live Here

Making Fitness a Priority

But mom, you went to the gym yesterday. Why do we need to go again?

You see, it’s Friday and we are going. And I’ve already prepped them for Saturday morning when we are going to get up early and go before the rest of our day starts.

The rest of our day that revolves solely around them.

And yes, we did go yesterday too.

They don’t like going.

Some days I don’t like going.

But it’s important.

Important to me.

Important for them.

To see their mom taking care of herself.

To see their mom working hard.

But it’s hard.

Hard to go.

Hard to argue with them that we are going.

Hard to stay because they’re upset.

But it’s worth it.

Worth it for me, worth it for them.

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