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Craft Corner :: Paper Easter Eggs

I love finding crafts for my mini that allow her to be creative and also allow her independence in doing them.  I also like to find crafts that we can keep for years to come and display in our home. This paper Easter egg craft fit all requirements!

We set off to the craft store and I let her pick out paper that she liked, which of course, included all glitter paper, so I tried to give her a few other options. You can also use any paper you have laying around or, if you want to go the extra mile, you can have them watercolor plain white paper. 

After the paper was selected, I let her cut the strips. You want the strips to be thin so that you can get a layering effect. (Confession: We did help with some of the cutting for the younger ones doing the craft with us) 

While they were cutting, I made an egg-shaped stencil on a piece of sturdy paper, you can use a file folder, they work great for stencils. 

As you can see, my egg is nowhere near perfect! If you are a perfectionist, print out a stencil from the computer. I traced the egg on two different pieces of paper and I cut one out. Once the girls had cut some strips, I gave them the paper I had traced with the egg shape. It honestly doesn’t matter because the paper you cut the egg shape out of will go over their strips. 

Give them a glue stick and let them glue down their strips. I like to encourage patterns, but that is just the teacher in me that never goes away. They can do anything they like! After the strips are glued down, place the paper with the egg cut out over them and glue it down. We then had them write their name and the year on their masterpieces! 

I got an inexpensive frame to put her art in because I love how it turned out! 

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