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Craft Corner :: St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Necklace

Former VPK teacher here! I absolutely love crafts! Easy, simple crafts; however, if it takes more than an hour, I am not doing it.

I always keep an eye out for fun and simple crafts that my mini would love. It is a bonus when I can think of a few school readiness skills to incorporate right off the top of my head. My 5-year-old loves celebrating holidays, so we often do art projects centered around an upcoming holiday. 

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner so she happily agreed to make rainbow necklaces with me! Pro tip: if you have young children that enjoy holidays and decorating, go to the dollar store, we find all sorts of fun things there! 

This craft is simple and only requires a few items! 


  • Fruit Loops
  • Yarn
  • Shamrock (optional from dollar store)

To start, we sorted the fruit loops into colors. If your child gets a little carried away by how many they like to sample, give them a small handful to set aside and taste. We made observations about how many we had of each color. She noticed that we had the least amount of purple and the most amount of orange. This is a great thing to practice in math preparation. We then discussed patterns and what pattern she would like to make. She chose to use all the colors – knowing her, of course, she wanted to use them all!

I like to let her make the decisions in her art projects. There is not a wrong way in the crafts we do. She had a blast stringing on her fruit loops! Adding tape the ends of the yarn will make it much easier for them to thread the fruit loops. She made her first necklace and then wanted to create different patterns for other people.

This craft was definitely a success and very simple with very little expense! 

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