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Tallahassee Mom on the Road :: Packing for Disney World

Before the holidays, you made grand plans to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney World. You searched, you planned, you planned some more, and now it’s time for the dreaded next step … packing. Kids = lots of stuff and while some of it you might be able to get by without, there are a few things that will make your trip easier. 
There’s the obvious stroller (strongly recommended for even your older kids who might not otherwise use one …. so much walking) but what else are you going to want in the parks? Here are a few of our favorites!

Stroller Fan

If it’s warm out, strollers get stuffy for the little ones – you might even want to cool your own face off with it. t is often fairly warm for at least part of the day in Orlando, even in the winter!


Baby Carrier

Lines can be long and if your kids are mobile (we’re looking at the wiggly crawlers and early walkers) but not quite old enough to stay in one spot, an ergonomic carrier will help you wrangle them while waiting in line.


Soft-Sided Cooler

Small enough to throw in the bottom of your stroller, large enough to carry plenty of beverages and/or snacks for the day. Pro-tip: freeze half of your water bottles the night before, they’ll act as your ice packs for the first half of the day and will melt so they are ready to drink by the end of the day.


Small Snacks

Inevitably, the kids will be so hungry in the middle of a line. Pack some small snacks such as goldfish, cheerios, apple slices that are easy to eat on the go. There are an abundance of snack options at each of the parks, but nothing beats having something quick to pull out in a pinch.


External Battery Charger

Looking for fast passes, checking show times and mapping out your route can drain your phone battery in just a couple of hours. Keep an external charger stashed in your bag for a quick recharge. 


Glitter Hair Spray

You could make a stop (reservations required) at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for a fancy updo and princess makeover or for the budget version, you can buy a can of glitter spray and have a salon morning before leaving the hotel. 


Disney Apparel

T-shirts and mickey/minnie ears are not hard to come by in the parks. But if you plan ahead, Target has an abundance of Disney apparel at a fraction of the price and mickey/minnie ears can be found on Etsy.

Make sure you’ve got your comfortable shoes on and a backpack to bring your valuables with you when you park your stroller and you’re ready to go!
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