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I’m a Contributor … Now What?!

When I first saw a post about a search for contributors to a new local site for moms, I jumped at it. I always fancied myself a writer, even though I have never had much of anything published except for a few “Letters to the Editor” and one “Mailbag” blurb in People magazine. But I figured, why not? I submitted a couple pieces I had done this summer for a writing class I took, and one application and a few headshots later, here I am!

When I received the email that I was picked as a contributor, I got so excited that I teared up. This was going to be so cool! Then reality set in of the commitment, both of time and brain power, which are both in short supply for me these days and I started to panic.

I find time to bathe weekly on average, how was I going to be able to do this?

The everyday theme in my life is a constant feeling of always having things hanging over my head, whether it’s things around the house or the endless work I do at home for the restaurant my husband and I own. Adding something else to my list seems a bit insane, especially something with deadlines and a public audience.

How will I come up with things to write about? I feel like marriage and motherhood should be constant fodder for material. But at the same time, what could I possibly have to say that hasn’t already been said a million times before? I’m afraid of getting too personal (I am a definite oversharer) or not getting personal enough. Every topic that pops into my head feels too broad and too narrow at the same time.

Last night I expressed my concerns to my husband. I told him I don’t think I can do it. He suggested the old adage, “Write what you know.”

Hmmmm. Is TMB an appropriate venue for an ongoing recap and discussion of Bravo shows?  

But I desperately need some sort of outlet.

I need to do something for myself, I need to have a way to break up the days that feel the same. I love nothing more than commiseration and I need to know that I am not alone in how I feel as a mom, wife, and woman.

I’m nervous but I feel like my life is flying by and I am looking forward immensely to doing this, something I know that I enjoy but have never gotten around to doing officially.

What would I like to get out of this experience?

  • I would like to write content others find relatable, yet fascinating.
  • I want to include one Dumb and Dumber or Seinfeld reference in each piece.
  • I hope readers flock to my posts like the salmon of Capistrano.
  • I long to create something I can look back on and remember these years with a truthful lens. 

I’m ready to put it all out there. I can’t wait to go on this adventure! I hope you enjoy following along with us. Now, please excuse me. It’s time for my weekly shower.


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