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A Nap Time Farewell

When I met Nap Time, I never really realized how much I needed it in my life. I had been going about my business for 28 years without knowing Nap Time intimately. Sure, we connected in college when late nights combined with early morning classes, but once out in the “real world” we drifted apart. I missed Nap Time occasionally but survived just fine. 

But then, I had a baby.

At first, I succumbed to Nap Time’s sleepy lure. Sleep when the baby sleeps, they say. I was more than happy to take this advice from more experienced mamas. Nap Time was so predictable for the first year, two to three times a day, every day. I was in love with all things Nap Time, the snuggles, the opportunity to take sweet sleeping photos of the baby, the ability to watch Bravo without worry–all of it. 

After that first year, I started noticing Nap Time was becoming a bit more difficult to handle. We were down to two-ish naps a day, with an emphasis on “ish.” Nonetheless, we still had a solid relationship. Now that sleeping through the night was a regular occurrence, I could resist the temptation to nap myself. Instead, Nap Time rejuvenated me. I cleaned and cooked on necessary days, but online shopped and caught up on The Bachelor on others. I considered both scenarios a win! Nap Time molded to whatever I needed it to be, despite becoming a little more high maintenance. It was worth the small struggles. 

It felt like our relationship would continue forever. 

I truly thought naps would never end, and I didn’t give up easily. However, when Nap Time became too aggressive, I gave in. It wasn’t worth the fight, so we started transitioning into Quiet Time. However, with all loss comes great gain…Earlier Bed Time. 

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