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Dear Mom & Dad :: A Letter From Your Middle-Schooler

Dear Mom and Dad,

            I assume that it has been a long time since you have been in middle school, so let me tell you how it is going there nowadays. Thank goodness you did not enroll me in one of those schools with huge lockers! I have heard that bullies shove people in those lockers and lock them in and I don’t think anyone would be wanting to spend a 3-day weekend in school!

            Middle school is difficult for most people. The transitions are very annoying as well, as you spend a year in a grade, and just as you think you finally have the hang of it all, you go to the next grade and have trouble with that grade! For me, math and science are very hard, but some kids have trouble with other subjects. This helps you classify the two kinds of kids there are in middle school, as true good kids help these kids out when they are having trouble, and truly bad kids will make fun of them.

            The lack of recess is also a pain. In elementary school, we got to run and play for an hour. Now, most kids don’t get any exercise at all. Luckily you can choose P.E. as an elective and then you can get more exercise. It is also an easy class but getting exercise during the day is good as well.

            Lunch is still one of, if not the, most enjoyable SCHOOL part of the day (as dismissal does not count). You get more time with your friends. Sadly, you can only sit with them if you are in the same class. Yet, lunch is still great and is almost the only time you get to talk to your friends about things other than school.

            Homework is a very big problem. Middle school has lots and lots of homework. The homework is very difficult, and we can’t ask for your help because the teachers want us to do it on our own. This can be very frustrating and can make an entire family upset if the homework makes the middle-schooler upset.

            These are some of the parts of middle school that can change everything. They can change other students, change parents, and change us. This is one of the most important times of our lives, and we are thankful that you have been with us for everything and will be with us during this part of life.

No matter how middle school changes anyone, just always remember, even if it at times it does not seem like it, we love you, and always will.


Your Middle-Schooler

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