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Tallahassee Mom on the Road :: Disney Tips for Young Kids

Book Fast Passes

We always book our fast passes for rides that typically have a long wait and/or rides that have a queue with zero entertainment – I’m looking at you Peter Pan! As excited as your kids will be to be at Disney World …. Waiting is hard. Meltdowns occur. Kids get hungry. And need to go to the bathroom. And get bored. And hungry…. Book the fast passes! 

Get an early start

Your kids (and you!) will probably be up early anyways, prep your stuff the night before so your bag is ready to go. You can get to the park when it opens and take advantage of the short wait times. If you’re staying at a Disney resort, make sure you look into Extra Magic Hours when wait times are minimal (sometimes you can walk right on to the ride). 


Even if your kids have not napped in years, a nap is always a good idea on Disney World days. The parks are incredibly busy in the afternoons, skip the long lines and use this time to get a stroller nap in. Hop on the monorail if you’re at Magic Kingdom or Epcot and take a ride around, walk the trails at Animal Kingdom or if napping on the go doesn’t work for you, head back to your resort for a couple of hours.


If you don’t need nap time, shows are a great way to take a rest while still enjoying the parks. Sit down, enjoy the air conditioning (unless there’s a rare cold snap and you actually need to warm up!), and relax!


There are MANY options for meals and snacks in all of the parks. If you prefer a sit-down table service meal, book a reservation in advance or check early in the day when you arrive to see if they have had any cancellations. We prefer to see where we are in the park when everyone gets hungry rather than having a set time to eat and having to go all the way to another land. Disney now offers mobile ordering at select quick-service restaurants through the app. We would look for a table to sit down and then order our food via the app. You receive a notification when your order is ready and go to a separate window to pick it up – there was never a line at this window! 


Disney World should be the entertainment itself, right? Your family will love it, but have something to entertain your kids in line. You will see anything from kids watching movies on cell phones to entire families playing a game together. I Spy is a fun one!


What are your favorite tips and tricks for Disney World?

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